In the creation of Bramble House, we wanted to source plates that reflected who we are and completed the look of the restaurant.  In searching for one-of-a-kind dishes, a treasure hunt for old proper china that has fallen out of favor due to it's delicate nature was born.  Our unique china pieces are a compliment and canvas for our food, as well as giving new life to what was likely treasured on someone else's table. One favorite shopping spot was Vashon Island mainstay, Granny's Attic.

Granny's Attic, a local thrift store, is a charitable organization that's been running since 1973.  The amazing circle of benefits starts when Islanders drop off excess items, which are priced and sold to neighbors in need.  All of the money raised is donated to health-related Vashon programs.  And most phenomonally, the magic is created and run by wholly by volunteers - true Vashon Island grannies.  

Follow our lead - not only to support a great institution, but also to find awesome stuff.  Stop by Granny's Attic for your own treasure hunt



Washington may be the most beautiful state (for those of us born here who are totally biased), but western Washington gets a bad rap for being a little rainy and gray.  Which is totally worth it, because from that, amazing fruit and vegetables grow here. Vashon has an abundance of produce, however it is highly seasonal.  

Fortunately, people here make jams, pickles, jellies and preserves.  In fact, growing up, our chef got to see how it's done: to commit a full day to tomatoes, green beans, or an alarming pile of exceptionally squishy pears. It's a battle to get all the food put up before it gets too ripe or big, but some mad canning skills were learned from a Grand Jampion (pun intended).

The classic preserving approach is at work at Bramble House, and is a bit easier in a professional kitchen!  You'll find both quick and traditional pickles on the dinner menu, syrups and jams for brunch, and preserves and marmalade for dessert all made with love. 



Seattle and the area have a long established food scene, but what's happening on Vashon is amazing. There is a burgeoning network of producers, growers, foragers, farmers and cultivators and we are proud to have their products on our plates (and glasses, etc.)  Some of our local partners are listed here and the Bramble House menu will always aim to heavily feature local foods. 


Bramble House represents a homecoming for our chef, founder and prodigal child, Lia (Bardeen) Lira.  Lia cooked her way through kitchens in Manhattan and then the rest of the world, give or take.  Thus, when it was time to open her own restaurant, why not Vashon, a small, interesting, perfect island (like requiring a ferry ride, proper island type island) nearby Seattle, Washington?  

The name Bramble House references the summers of berry picking and bounty of Vashon that Lia grew up with and are reflected in local, seasonal menus.